20 May 2009

upload pic from mobile to fb

1. Go to the picture in your cellphone which you wish to send to Facebook.
2. Select either the Send as email or Email photo function in the menu on your cellphone.
3. When a new message appears (with the selected photo attached), key in mobile@facebook.com in the ‘To:’ Textbox.
4. Key in the title of your photo in the subject column.
5. Choose ‘Send’.
6. Once your cellphone receives an email of notification from Facebook, you will receive a code or password.
7. Check that you are logged onto your Facebook account and go to Facebook
8. On the right side, under 'Get Started', Click on the Upload Image From Mobile.
9. Look for the Beneath the ‘Already have a confirmation code’ and click.
10. Key in your password when prompted with ‘Input the code you received in your email’ and ‘Confirm’.


11 May 2009

Web Hosting and Domain Registration Made Easy

If you are like me, internet is a very important thing. Creating your present is, joining communities like friendster, facebook and stuff. Also jotting your journey in life through wordpress and blogger.

But for some people, having just that is not enough. They want to be really visible on the internet.

Thus, domain name registration is very important. This means that people can have their out '.com' which is pretty cool.

This also means, they can link up their domain with any content hosting on the internet. They can switch service providers with no hassle, yet maintain their internet identities.
But what about the hosting? it could cost a boom. At least for some people.
What I've found quite recently was interesting.

You can register your own domain, while at the same time, this provider provides the web hosting as well. No matter who you are, there are package that suits your needs.

I can elaborate more, but the best thing still, do check it out yourself. It's called exabytes
A very cost effective place to be very visible on the internet while most of your cash in your pocket doesn't go invisible. :D