31 December 2009

Your Files on the 'Cloud'

Have you ever heard of cloud computing? For most of you, this might be true. But for some, maybe not. I use these services, to store files on the net for free!!.

Why in the world would you store your files on the net, you might ask.
With this services, you can view, edit or have access to all of your files where ever you go, as long as you have internet connection. This means that you can save your documents from your office PC, go back home, power up your trusty notebook, netbook, or even your iphone or any other smartphones you may have, and you will instantly have access to that document you saved back at the office. No need for portable data storage like usb flash drive or portable hard drive that could easily get damaged for the sake of mobility.

I personally use SkyDrive. For 'veterens', they give 25GB of free online storage.

Do check this out.