20 February 2010

streamyx combo - WiFi@home vs DiGi

I recently switch my internet access from DiGi to TM.
It does took quite some time to actually get streamyx. Here's my story.
1. 6 Feb 2010 - register TMHomeline @ Kajang, TMPoint. The person @ counter advice us to register streamyx as soon as the Homeline is active. Not quite sure why can't register streamyx @ same time though. Followed the advice anyway. Pay RM10 for stamp duty, RM75 deposit (paid using plastic :-D).
2. 8 Feb 2010 - Somebody called to register streamyx. Ignored since the person @ TMPoint the other day advice us to.

3. 10 Feb 2010 - TM contractor called. Wanted to install phoneline, but can't since @ work. Set appointment to install the next day.
4. 11 Feb 2010 - 5.30pm - the contractor called. Get the cable installed. Pay RM30.
5. 12 Feb 2010 - the Homeline is fully activated.
6. 13 Feb 2010 - register for streamyx @ Kajang, TMPoint. System got problem. (Perhaps due to the Chinese New Year holiday). Pay RM0. The person @ counter gave numbers to call in case couldn't get streamyx after a week.
7. 17 Feb 2010 - called TM Customer Care. The officer said the internet port for my Homeline haven't been set yet. It usually took 3 - 7 working days to get this done.
8. 20 Feb 2010 - streamyx contractor called. soon after, he came and installed sytreamyx WiFi modem and  I'm online. :)
Click pic below to learn more..
Why I Switch
1. Need to share internet connection (We have 2 lptp + 1 pc @ home)
2. Need stable internet connection to run 24/7 (sometimes :-D)
3. Need to stop depending on my Nokia to use as modem to access the internet
4. Need to be able to access the internet while at the same time able to use the phone (in cases :-D)
5. Restructured my DiGi phone bills to save cost. (without bundled internet access, saved RM66/mth) 

Why DiGi still best
1. Mobility. Internet everywhere, as long as have GPRS connection.
2. 1 bill to pay for phone+internet access.

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* to bad, no more 'pure' unlimited internet access nowadays. For instance, my DiGi Data Unlimited a.k.a unlimited GPRS/EDGE was the best 'unlimited' ever. Today, DiGi unlimited 3G (replacement of the previous) caps the internet usage to 3GB download per month. Exceeding that, the speed of data transfer will automatically decrease to half. The only drawback now is that no more mobile internet for me. Which means, no more Google Maps, Google Search, Email on the go, YM and such on my Nokia. An extra bill to pay. But sometime we do still need the land line phone (Homeline). Well, like they say, you have to give a little to get a little.

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