11 October 2010

streamyx is down... but up again in a jiffy

Friday, 8th October 2010 - my access to the web got 'suspended' due to faulty wireless router. Its the power adapter. swap and test many electrical sockets, but no avail. 
After much tinkering, I finally decided to call the magic 100 number from my home line. 
Not surprising, the service consultant on the other side of the line took ages to answer. after which, his system went to a halt. he then took another like 15 minutes to get it back online. and while waiting for the system to get back online, he spend the time asking repeatedly about the problem I'm having. He repeat pretty much the same thing when he was typing my complain into the system. Enough on that. But it does took like half an hour to complete a simple query. (heck, my WiFi is out. it the power adapter. change that and all problems solved)

Anyway, the good news is, on Saturday around 11 am, TM technician came by. took him to my problematic device. split second, he know the problem and settle it immideately. he gave me the whole new set. he told me that i can keep using the old one because the problem is only the adapter. at the same time, keep the new router as spare-part in case the old one goes down.

the moral of the story : TM service is quite excellent these days. now i have 2 wifi router. 1 to use, another as spare. 

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