19 September 2011

A Superfast data transfer is coming..

(Source: Engadget | LYN)

Imagine transferring a whole CD worth of data (around 700MB) in seconds.. This used to be impossible. 

With the coming of a new I/O Port called Thunderbolt, this is easy. During IDF2011, Intel demonstrated a desktop device connected to an SSD via thunderbolt streaming 4 uncompressed 1080p videos at the same time, transferring at 700MB/s

Earlier, Apple announced to be using this high-speed data transfer technology on their devices.

p/s : compare with current USB2.0 technology which transfers at 40MB/s. 

Check Out cool new Walkman from Sony.

Latest innovation from Sony. It looks pretty cool. At the price tag of RM299, it is quite affordable. Designed for users with active lifestyle. 
Walkman W260

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This reminded me of other 'walkman' type of devices. Since Sony became Sony Ericsson years ago, they've been 'marrying' Walkman with Mobile Phones and among they 'offspring' are these. My wife used to have them before switching to another brand right now.

 This also reminded me of the 'original' Walkman I used to have. 
It is interesting to note that some people said,  Sony's Walkman is dead.
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