15 August 2012

Seri Pajam Development Review

I recently went to view Zeta Park and Aria Park at Citra Hill. One interesting thing about this type of property is that they build to the max. While most developer do spare some small portion of land (mostly at the back) for buyers to extend their home later, this developer spare no land at all. The design I would say, 99% ready to move in without much hassle. My small home now have a spare 5 feet of land at the back. Most of my neighbours already extended their homes. As for me, still waiting for that 'durian runtuh', should it ever come. :p

Last year I spend quite a sum of money to lay tiles on the car porch. I would imagine if I had bought this property instead, I wouldn't need to go through all the trouble of doing that myself.

Since my current dwelling is a double storey terrace, The single storey Aria Type B is more of our liking. It has 4 bedrooms. But I was a bit let down because it only have 2 bathrooms. One inside the master bedroom and the other, near the kitchen. I was thinking, it might be a little difficult to share 1 bathroom for the three (I'd imagine) fully occupied bedrooms.

The price tag, quite pricey for my liking. The Aria start at 261k++ but on that day, only 275k++ still available. The sales person mentioned that the next phase will start selling aroung 313k. 
Image this, a friend of mine bought double storey house near here 5 years ago for sub 200k. Now, the MV has more than doubled. 

Even thought these properties is a bit pricey, being "Hassle Free" might justifies the price. If you bought a 'cheaper' property, you might still need to do some renovation which you might in the end spend as much with more sweat and tears. :) Quick Link Here

p/s:  Great News!!
Seri Pajam is offering "Gift Incentive Program". Get 43" LCD Tv, Ipad 2, Air-cond, or other gifts for Free!! Get in touch with me, and I'll tell you more.

02 August 2012

Pengurusan Kewangan Tak Penting Bila Dah Bebas Kewangan

"Financial Planning is not releven for the financially free.."

Pernah dengar statement di atas?
Itu salah satu 'umpan pancing' yang selalu kita dengar dari mana-mana leader dalam company MLM. Saya bukan nak kondem MLM. MLM is the best way to start a bussiness. Tapi post ini sekadar untuk renungan bersama. Being financially free, you can buy anything, anytime, anywhere to your heart contend.
Contoh: "..with [enter company name], now I can buy any cloth for my children from the best store and without looking at the price tag like I used to.."

My personal view is this, financial planning is the key to your health. Sama macam makanan berkhasiat, senaman dan sebagainya. Being financially free doesn't mean that you can sacrifice your financial planning. After all, financial planning is what leads you to being financially free on the first place.

Contoh Klasik Baru, siapa tak kenal mendiang Micheal Jackson. Pendapatannya sebulan mencecah berjuta dolar, tapi seringkali dilaporkan dia berada dalam keadaan kewangan yang teruk. Secara logiknya, kita yang berpendapatan entah berapa sen ni lah yang susah. Tapi orang kaya-raya macam tu pun, susah juga ke? Saya pernah tengok satu video. Takut sungguh tengok dia bila bershoping. Memang sekali pergi, satu kedai diborong. Barang pulak bukan murah-murah. Dalam satu hari, boleh habis berjuta dolar.


01 August 2012

Sales vs Marketing

So, which one are you?

Marketing or Sales?

There are some critical differences between these two words.  If you spend most of your time chasing after your customers, like hunting people down to join you in your network marketing company, you are practically in Sales. In this case, most probably you will find people avoiding you like a ‘dirty sock’. They wouldn’t return your call, or even turn up at your business opportunity meetings.

Marketing on the other hand is a ‘pre-sale’. A good marketing system provides no additional high-pressure sales tactics to close a deal. High-pressure sales tactics only leads to people buying based on an emotional decision, rather than an informed business rationale. A TRUE marketing system makes you looks like an expert in your field and prospects will BEG to be a part of your business.

Link Here to talk more on successful marketing tactics.