22 April 2009

Purchase ASB via Maybank2u - 23 April 2009

It's Pay Day!! And.. what r u doing with ur money??
I'm sure for most of you.. it's time to go shopping!!

I'm not against that entirely, but just a friendly reminder, Make a Budget!
List down all the things u need and all ur monthly commitments. Set aside the money for all those bills & payments. And most importantly, save some for 'the rainy day'. This is a must!! Otherwise, u'll be in lots of trouble when the time comes.

In this post, I'd like to share a new service provided by maybank. But this is strictly for Malaysian's 'bumipitera'. So, for those concerned, please do check it out.

A new service via Maybank2u. You can now purchase ASB units. The catch is, you have to pay RM1 per transaction.

It's quite reasonable, considering you could skip long queue at the banks.

So, what are you waiting for.
Jom beli ASB banyak-banyak. :D

How to do it??

It takes 3 steps to get it done. But lets start from the beginning, shall we.. :D

First of all, log on to the system..

The homepage will be displayed upon successful access to the system. (If you got problem with this, please contact Maybank2u directly.)

Here, select Investment (highlighted in yellow box)

Next, select ASNB Unit Trust (also highlighted)

You will be directed to a Declaration page. Tick the check box below and click next.

This is where the actual "3 steps" begin.
You'll need to key in the amount of unit you wanted to buy (in case anyone ask, 1 unit equals RM1.. :D)
Next, select which account would you like to transfer money from. (This applies only for those with multiple MBB accounts)
Then, key-in your ASB membership number.
After that, u need to click on the drop-down menu to select the product name, which happens to be, the one and only, Amanah Saham Bumiputera.
You'll need to clik continue afterwards.
Step "2 of 3" is where you'll need to provide TAC, to confirm your identity. Once requested, the TAC will be send directly to your mobile phone. As soon as you've recieved your TAC and entered to the system, you'll need to click the confirm button.

The final step "3 of 3" should display a Successful message, which look like something like this.

This means, your'e done. :D

Now that you've secured your future, you can finaly go out. :D

Happy shopping!! :D


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