21 December 2010

Dividen 7.5 sen; bonus 1.25 sen

Amanah Saham Nasional Bhd (ASNB), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB), has announced an income distribution of 7.50 sen per unit and a bonus of 1.25 sen per unit for Skim Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB), for the financial year ending Dec 31, 2010.

Tahun Dividen Bonus
1993 9.00 4.50
1994 9.00 4.50
1995 10.00 3.00
1996 10.25 3.00
1997 10.25 1.25
1998 8.00 2.50
1999 10.50 1.50
2000 9.75 2.00
2001 7.00 3.00
2002 7.00 2.00
2003 7.25 2.00
2004 7.25 2.00
2005 7.25 1.75
2006 7.30 1.25
2007 8.00 1.00
2008 7.00 1.75
2009 7.30 1.25

06 December 2010

kadar baru Kompaun Saman Trafik

Memang perangai orang kita kan..?? Time ada promotion, berpusu2 orang kejar.. termasuk aku jugak la.. hehe.. ;)

11 October 2010

streamyx is down... but up again in a jiffy

Friday, 8th October 2010 - my access to the web got 'suspended' due to faulty wireless router. Its the power adapter. swap and test many electrical sockets, but no avail. 
After much tinkering, I finally decided to call the magic 100 number from my home line. 
Not surprising, the service consultant on the other side of the line took ages to answer. after which, his system went to a halt. he then took another like 15 minutes to get it back online. and while waiting for the system to get back online, he spend the time asking repeatedly about the problem I'm having. He repeat pretty much the same thing when he was typing my complain into the system. Enough on that. But it does took like half an hour to complete a simple query. (heck, my WiFi is out. it the power adapter. change that and all problems solved)

Anyway, the good news is, on Saturday around 11 am, TM technician came by. took him to my problematic device. split second, he know the problem and settle it immideately. he gave me the whole new set. he told me that i can keep using the old one because the problem is only the adapter. at the same time, keep the new router as spare-part in case the old one goes down.

the moral of the story : TM service is quite excellent these days. now i have 2 wifi router. 1 to use, another as spare. 

14 July 2010

TM is giving out discounts!!

I just found out about this!
Apparently, if you pay your TM bills via Auto PayBills, they give you discount. This is how..

1st of all, I subscribe to Streamyx combo.You pay RM60 for unlimited internet via TM Homeline. The catch, they charge RM1 for the Homeline per month. Plus 5 cents of government tax, which conclude you need to pay RM61.05 per month.

Then I thought, I need an easier way to pay the bill. So, I use the Auto PayBills facility offered by Maybankard Ikwan. Next thing I know, I only need to pay RM56.85 for the streamyx combo. Pretty cool eh!?

*p/s: DiGi also give RM5 discount using this facility. ;)

07 July 2010

Cukur jambul amalan bidaah orang Melayu

Nk buat kenduri utk baby Eman akhir bulan nie. Plan nak buat akikah & "cukur jambul".
Citer pasal "cukur jambul" nie.. lagi banyak baca, lagi kompius lak jadinye.. hehehe..
Diaorang kata adat "cukur jambul" tu datang dari agama Hindu, sebab guna kelapa dan bagai2 lagi..
Apa yang confirm, akikah 2 mmg kena buat.
Bab cukur tu.. biar la baby eman kena cukur awal2. Itu sunnah. Pas2, perjalanan majlis 2 nnt, tgk la camner. Kena dgr ckp org tua jugak. Maklum la, kita ni ilmu tak cukup lg.. :)

Yang menarik pasal hal nie..
1. Artikel Utusan Malaysia 11/09/2006
2. Jawapan email JAKIM

30 June 2010

Aisy Jahizzah Eman binti Jahrudin

Apa ada pada nama?

Aisy = Kemakmuran Hidup
Jahizah = Yang dilengkapi
Iman = Kepercayaan

14 June 2010

13 Jun 2010 - ami tunang

Update (23 Julai 2012) : Ami kawen, 22 Jan 2012 kat Sg. Sireh, Tg. Karang... 

21 April 2010

CIMBclicks latest facility - ASNB top-up

* Boleh buat online top-up ke 5 produk ASNB
* Boleh top-up utk 3rd party…senang nak topup utk family
* Service fee RM1 utk setiap transaksi tak kira amaun

baca lanjut kat bebas-hutang.

I'm planning to 'switch' all my m2u stuff to cimbclicks pretty soon.. this includes.
- car loan
- credit card
- personal loan
- bill payments
- etc

** still considering.. :)

03 March 2010

Blogger Templete Creator Software

Have you ever had any difficulties creating your very own blog template? This software might help.

Check Out This Guy's Post. It tells you step by step instruction on how to make your own template.

One other thing, ever wondered how to change the Blogger icon on your blog title?
I use FavIcon. Just take one image of choice, and convert it to .ico before storing that image online to use. Check this post. Make sure to paste the .ico file URL right before ./head.on your blog html. Check this post too.
Enjoy! Enjoy!.. :) 

22 February 2010

Bijak Wang - AKPK

Recently I went to a seminar by AKPK. Intresting. One thing they point out is that AKPK doesn't give out loans. Those who joins their program will need to "pay to them", but AKPK works only as the middle man, so you don't need to go to every banks to pay your dues. AKPK do this for you.

The most importing thing is 'Knowledge'. You must know what money is and how to take care of your money.

Check out Money $ence or its translation in malay, Celik Wang. I've download these book before, but haven't yet got around to finish reading it. :) I'll definitely going to do that soon. :)

20 February 2010

streamyx combo - WiFi@home vs DiGi

I recently switch my internet access from DiGi to TM.
It does took quite some time to actually get streamyx. Here's my story.
1. 6 Feb 2010 - register TMHomeline @ Kajang, TMPoint. The person @ counter advice us to register streamyx as soon as the Homeline is active. Not quite sure why can't register streamyx @ same time though. Followed the advice anyway. Pay RM10 for stamp duty, RM75 deposit (paid using plastic :-D).
2. 8 Feb 2010 - Somebody called to register streamyx. Ignored since the person @ TMPoint the other day advice us to.

3. 10 Feb 2010 - TM contractor called. Wanted to install phoneline, but can't since @ work. Set appointment to install the next day.
4. 11 Feb 2010 - 5.30pm - the contractor called. Get the cable installed. Pay RM30.
5. 12 Feb 2010 - the Homeline is fully activated.
6. 13 Feb 2010 - register for streamyx @ Kajang, TMPoint. System got problem. (Perhaps due to the Chinese New Year holiday). Pay RM0. The person @ counter gave numbers to call in case couldn't get streamyx after a week.
7. 17 Feb 2010 - called TM Customer Care. The officer said the internet port for my Homeline haven't been set yet. It usually took 3 - 7 working days to get this done.
8. 20 Feb 2010 - streamyx contractor called. soon after, he came and installed sytreamyx WiFi modem and  I'm online. :)
Click pic below to learn more..
Why I Switch
1. Need to share internet connection (We have 2 lptp + 1 pc @ home)
2. Need stable internet connection to run 24/7 (sometimes :-D)
3. Need to stop depending on my Nokia to use as modem to access the internet
4. Need to be able to access the internet while at the same time able to use the phone (in cases :-D)
5. Restructured my DiGi phone bills to save cost. (without bundled internet access, saved RM66/mth) 

Why DiGi still best
1. Mobility. Internet everywhere, as long as have GPRS connection.
2. 1 bill to pay for phone+internet access.

Check Out My Previous Post here

* to bad, no more 'pure' unlimited internet access nowadays. For instance, my DiGi Data Unlimited a.k.a unlimited GPRS/EDGE was the best 'unlimited' ever. Today, DiGi unlimited 3G (replacement of the previous) caps the internet usage to 3GB download per month. Exceeding that, the speed of data transfer will automatically decrease to half. The only drawback now is that no more mobile internet for me. Which means, no more Google Maps, Google Search, Email on the go, YM and such on my Nokia. An extra bill to pay. But sometime we do still need the land line phone (Homeline). Well, like they say, you have to give a little to get a little.

Jom Streamyx

Switched to Streamyx. 3 weeks tops. Tell y'all 'bout it, nx post. Wait for it.. :)