14 July 2010

TM is giving out discounts!!

I just found out about this!
Apparently, if you pay your TM bills via Auto PayBills, they give you discount. This is how..

1st of all, I subscribe to Streamyx combo.You pay RM60 for unlimited internet via TM Homeline. The catch, they charge RM1 for the Homeline per month. Plus 5 cents of government tax, which conclude you need to pay RM61.05 per month.

Then I thought, I need an easier way to pay the bill. So, I use the Auto PayBills facility offered by Maybankard Ikwan. Next thing I know, I only need to pay RM56.85 for the streamyx combo. Pretty cool eh!?

*p/s: DiGi also give RM5 discount using this facility. ;)

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